Banarasi Silk Sarees by Karagiri

Banarasi silk sarees are Indian sarees made in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India a city which is also called Banaras. The sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known as Banarasi Silk Saree. There's something about a rich Banarasi saree which is classic- something you just cannot go wrong with, whether you're including them in your bridal trousseau or choosing to wear it on your big day, while Banarasi sarees have been worn for ages and ages by brides, and even when they do today, do really stand out in the crowd! Yes, there is a reason why some of the biggest designers in the countries still include Benarasi in their creations.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Finely woven fabrics it is the rich brocades in gold & silver zari, including fine designs and engravings, the relatively heavy and opulent affair that is part of every North Indian bride’s trousseau. The speciality of the Banarasi sari lies in its use of zari or rich gold and silver coloured thread work on motifs and brocades.

Origin :

Banarasi silk is an unmatched example of excellent artistry. Banarasi sarees came into existence during the Mughal era when Muslim artisans and craftsman chose Banaras as the place that blended well with their culture and started weaving silk Banarasi sarees there. Their special characteristics are Mughal-inspired designs such as intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs, kalga and bel, a string of upright leaves called jhallar at the outer, edge of border is a characteristic of these sarees. Depending on the intricacy of its designs and patterns, a saree can take from 15 days to a month and sometimes up to six months to complete.

Banarasi Silk

Today’s Banarasi Silks are the product of this particular mix up of two different cultures and exemplary enthusiasm of Mughals. In the earlier times, silk for Banarasi Sarees were being imported from China, now it has been provided by the southern part of India. The continuations of passing down the culture of artistry of the Banarasi saris from one generation to another have never been stopped. Persian motifs were being mixed up with the designs of Indian silk for creating this distinctive flowery pattern of Banarasi silk sarees, which are so typical in present days.

Banarasi Brocades Sarees

Just recently a new wave of rich and luxurious pure silk Banarasi Brocade sarees entered the market. Initial responses were as expected – welcomed, lauded and lapped up. But it also drew awe and amazement on seeing the new offerings. What is special one may ask.

Banarasi Brocade Saree

Let us see what is special :

  • There are two colors chosen for the base color of the brocade. Baby or light pink and smooth black. The body colors are in contrast to the body color.
  • The brocade is covered with wonderful designs including the very popular temple design in rich deep golden zari.
  • The motifs in large dimension are beautifully distributed evenly across the body expanse with themes like wedding designer jewellery like pair of earrings, lovely circular necklace and other ornamental designs used and adorned with lustrous silver and golden zari.
  • The eye-catcher is the choice of hues that begin the interest in the fabric.
  • What is wonderful is that the purity of the materials like silk and zari create luster and shine that radiate wonderfully to brighten the environs.
  • Backed by Silk Mark these handloom sarees are worth their weight in gold for the artistic finery and finesse.

What is Brocade?

Brocade, in textiles, is a woven fabric having a raised floral or figured design that is introduced during the weaving process, usually by means of a Jacquard attachment. The design, appearing only on the fabric face, is usually made in a satin or twill weave.

Brocade fabrics mainly consist of solid or multi-colored silk threads, often times combined with gold or silver metallic threads. A brocade is woven by adding a supplementary weft to the weave, creating the illusion that sections have been embossed into the fabric, or embroidered on top of it.

Brocade Banarasi Saree

Four to five centuries have passed and this tradition of fine weaving has neither dimmed nor lost lustre. In fact the Banarasi Silk Saree has continued to remain as exceptional and finely sought as before. Over the years additions and introductions within the weave have never seemed out of place. Despite being woven in traditional style, the fusion elements have seamlessly merged to become a part of its rich and dazzling heritage.

Decorative Zari

Decorative Zari

The Banarasi saree has long since been acknowledged as a fabric that evokes enthusiasm, curiosity, amazement and a host of similar emotions on its arrival. One of the costliest versions is this recent range of rich Brocade saree. Every time a new avatar arrives it is welcomed enormously by the market. This range too could get its ovation and maybe a standing one at that, for what it offers by way of allure and grandeur is probably the most unexpected but has been hugely applauded.

Anushka Sharma’s Banarasi Saree on her Reception

Anushka Sharma's Banarasi Saree on her reception