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South Silk Saree Designer Mint Green Brocade South Silk Saree saree online
Designer Mint Green Brocade South Silk Saree
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The phrase "silk saree" makes women's hearts skip a beat.  On their wedding day, Indian brides, especially those from the south, choose to wear an expensive Bridal South Silk Saree. India is a vastly diverse nation, and although each region has its own traditional dress, it is standardized throughout the country. In India, sarees are the most common and widely worn clothing. It's a timeless look that has captivated audiences for centuries. The pure south silk sarees are known for their artistic elegance and glitz. The south silk saree is one such classic form of saree. This saree, which originated in the southern part of India, has now made its mark all over the world. Silk sarees from the south are renowned for their incredible blend of class and heritage. It's really appealing because of the gold touch. The lavish pallu gives the outfit a rather opulent appearance.


Silk is one of the world's oldest fabrics. Approximately 97 percent of raw mulberry silk is manufactured in India's southern states. As a result, silk sarees from the south are the finest. Silk sarees from the south date back to the 27th century BC. Silk fabric was only available to the Chinese at the time. Silk arrived in India later, in 1710, when the British established the East India Company in India. Mulberry, Eri, Muga, Tropical Tasar, and Temperate Tasar are the five types of silk produced only in India. Silk is a luxury fabric in India, so silk sarees are only worn on special occasions and are highly sought after.

How to maintain south silk saree:

  • Rinse with cold water gently.
  • Using a gentle detergent for subsequent washes.
  • Separately wash the pallu, border, and body
  • Avoid using low-quality materials or bright colours when washing the saree.
  • The saree must be dried as soon as possible after washing. 
  • Make sure the silk saree is not exposed to direct sunlight. 
  • while dealing with stains firstly, wash with cold water immediately and then brush it with a soft cloth 
  • Dry-cleaning is the safest method for caring for silk because the solvents applied are harmless to it. 
  • The saree should be kept in a cold, dry setting.
  • Unfold your silk sarees at least once a month and change the folding.
  • Every silk garment must be covered in muslin cloth before being worn. 
  • Silk outfits are best maintained if kept in a hanging position.

These south silk sarees are best suited for bridal functions and for brides. They are also known as the ‘weave of god’ because they resemble gold. The golden pallu has a thick and rich aesthetic and is a true must-have.

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