Bollywood Approved Sarees That Set the Trend in 2020

Lets's face it ladies, we look out to Bollywood when we think of fashionable outfits trending around the world. Over the years, actresses have mesmerized us with their sarees being crafted by some of the mainstream fashion designers who took it to the next level by being bold and adventurous thereby raising the bar higher than before, making us eager to try them on as well. We have curated a list of sarees trending in the industry and already becoming a rage among the people. Don't forget to take notes and get ready to dress to impress this 2020.

1) Hand Painted Sarees

This saree is currently under the radar for its beautiful hand painted floral pattern with a soft white shade, giving you a breezy summer vibe. This 9 yard beauty by Sabyasachi draped on Deepika emits a fun, yet classy look which can be sported on any formal or informal occasion sure to turn heads as you walk down the road.

2) Beauty with a belt

This gorgeous saree by Sabyasachi, worn by Katrina Kaif sets a dreamy, romantic look and makes anyone fall in love with the one who wears it. The belt tied around the waist enhances the overall look of the outfit, which can be worn on any event. You can get a bit creative by designing your own belt in the form of a leather strap or a collection of chains or embellishments tied together for a rich and regal look.

3) Chaugoshiya

A blast from the past, Chaugoshiya used to be the traditional wedding attire for Muslim women. An attempt has been made to revive this outfit and as we can see Rekha ji gives out a Nawabi feel in this stunning saree. Also known as a Pant -Style saree or Khada Dupatta, this outfit comprises of four garments such as a Choli,Kurti, fitting trousers and a khada dupatta. This saree is bound to receive all kinds of compliments and can be best donned at a wedding or an engagement ceremony.

4) The Silk Affair

There are simply no words to describe the beauty and elegance that comes along with a silk saree. It's shine and smooth texture makes it a personal favourite among the ladies. Alia Bhatt in this picture has worn a Chanderi silk saree that provides a picture perfect look plus gives an ethinc Indian image which can be worn for any auspicious event or a public function.

5) The Cape Culture

We have often heard the phrase that women in sarees are no less than superheroes. Our mothers have worn sarees since years and performed daily chores without any complaints. Now, you can actually make your outfit look more powerful by donning a cape over your saree and gain command over the audience by winning their hearts.

And there you have it, the top five glam looks to rule this 2020 with grace and charm. Of course, you can customize your outfits and show your fashion skills by designing your own accessories and setting new standards for others to watch and learn. Let the draping begin!