Show your Silk Some Love !

Silk has been a prized possession for the elite since time immemorial. Merchants bought the material from China and introduced it to the Indian nobles and aristocrats, who wore it to mark their prestige in the society. Even in the modern era, an undying love for silk has created opportunities for the handloom weavers to showcase their art and weave beautiful silk sarees to be worn and admired by thousands of women pan India. Buying a silk saree is quite an investment, and so is their maintenance; therefore, we decided to bring forward some of the easiest ways to take care of your silk so as to preserve its lustre and life span.

  • Being delicate by nature, extreme care and dedication goes a long way towards preserving the shine and longetivity of a silk saree. It is therefore, important to keep them wrapped in cotton or muslin cloth to prevent the darkening of zari through the process of oxidation. It also provides an ample amount of space for the saree to breathe in and avoids its contact with the other fabrics. It is an efficient way to prevent moth infestation as well.

  • Wash your silk saree gently with cold water using mild detergents or shampoos and roll them into a soft towel instead of wringing them to prevent any minimal damage or crease. Hang them out to dry in a shady place as sunlight will fade the colour of the fabric thereby making it dull. It is highly recommended that silk sarees be refolded every three months to prevent tearing along the fold lines.

  • Care should be taken that the zari work goes inside and the plain portion outside the fold of a silk saree. If possible, avoid using metal hangers to prevent it from reacting with the silk, leaving rust stains behind.

  • Storing your sarees in a cool and dry place preserves its colour and shine. Use naphthalene balls, silica gel sachets or neem leaves to keep the moths and silverfish at bay and absorb unwanted moisture prevailing inside the wardrobe.

  • Iron your silk saree even if you are wearing it for the first time to align the pleats in a perfect manner.

Following these tips and tricks can go a long way towards maintaining your precious silk sarees to be worn and preserved for generations to come, protecting its elegance and ingenuity for a lifetime.

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