Redefining “Kanjeevaram Sarees” through Karagiri's festive collection!

Using his skills to fuse the silk with its finest gold and silver threads to weave the ancient scriptures and temple motifs on a 6 yard fabric, the weaver proudly displays his finness and ultimately a work of art, to be admired and worn by hundreds of women across the globe. Yes!! We are talking about the rich and lustrous sarees of Kanchipuram, popularly known as a Kanjeevaram saree.

Every saree comes with its own share of stories. A Kanjeevaram saree, native to the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, present in the southern part of India boasts of its rich cultural history. If it is to be believed, mythology depicts the weaving communities of Andhra Pradesh, namely Devangas and the Salingars, to be the descendants of the reverend sage Markanda, known to be a favourite among the deities for his mastery in weaving fabrics appealing to the eye, migrated to the city of Kanchipuram during the reign of Krishna - Deva Raya thus becoming the epicenter of the silk industry during the 15th century.

Mulberry worms are reared for their silk, which is then dipped in rice water and left to dry under the sun, thereby providing natural thickness and firm support to the silk threads. It is then woven through a silver wire and given its final touches with a golden thread. A zigzag like pattern runs across the border between the body and the pallu. Both are woven separately and then sewn together, thus forming the pattern. Nowadays, it has become more common to weave the border, pallu and the body separately, sewing all the three in the end which accounts for the difference in its colour and design, adding to its vibrancy.

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Overall, its luscious patterns and designs depicting its rich and deep rooted heritage followed by the intricate handiwork submitting a proof of utmost

precision and neatness, dyed with colours to match the spirit of the occasion and its final outcome being a saree setting its own standards of beauty, Kanjeevaram holds a special place in the hearts and closets of every Indian women who sets a mark in the modern Indian society with an ink of culture and tradition.

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