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Chiffon Saree Hot Pink Bandani Print Chiffon Saree saree online
Hot Pink Bandani Print Chiffon Saree
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Navy Blue Bandani Print Chiffon Saree

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Chiffon is a light translucent fabric is the best choice for sweltering summers. This fabric is made of tightly twisted yarns comprising of very fine threads. Chiffon saree is one of the most popular products in the youth or upcoming generations. The elegance in the drape of a well-made chiffon saree is unparalleled.

Having gained a lot of popularity in the upcoming years, the fabric itself has become synonymous with summer wear collection of ladies. Conventional Indian attires especially sarees in cotton and silk are gradually being replaced by chiffon, not only because of a seasonal preference for this light material but also because of the grace it lends to the wearer.


How to wear and style your Chiffon Saree.

1. Depending on your height choose a beautiful chiffon saree with a floral print. For those with short height, choose a smaller printed chiffon saree. Tall ones can carry off the bold floral print sarees.

2. The color of the brocade border should be lighter than the body of the saree like in silver or gold with a pattern reflecting the beautiful colors of the printed saree.

3. When you are working in a printed chiffon sari, choose a finer allover print rather than going with a bold design so that the pattern does not compete with the border to get every attention.

4. You could also add a plain border in little contrast to the saree colors like pink chiffon saree, blue chiffon saree, red chiffon saree or you can contrast with bright colors.

5. Don’t fold multiple pleats and wear a chiffon saree, as a single pleat elevates the look of the saree.

6. A princess-cut high blouse would be the best to wear when you go for the single pleats, NO plunging necklines either in the front or at the backside!

7. Jewelry should be minimal and the chiffon or printed saree looks the best when it is worn in the daytime.

The Glory of this beautiful chiffon fabric is known worldwide due to its easy manageability & versatility. With these simple tips, wear your KARAGIRI chiffon saree pure with pride, ease & comfort.


Chiffon saree online shopping now made easy on Karagiri! The most gorgeous and elegant type of silk and hence it's the popular choice of ladies working in the corporate sector for office wear purposes!