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georgette saree
Flamingo Pink Georgette Saree
  • $337.00
  • $101.00
Multi Colour Georgette Saree
  • $319.00
  • $96.00
Coral Pink Embroidered Georgette Saree
  • $533.00
  • $160.00

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Georgette saree is a classic traditional wear saree, exclusive georgette sari blouse is essentially worn on parties or festivals. These sarees are available in many colors like red georgette saree, blue, green, black, and so on. The look of georgette saris can be multiplied by beautiful embroidery work.

One of the greatest fashion gifts to our modern time is georgette a lightweight, springy, translucent fabric distinguished by its strength and durability as compared to other thin fabrics. Georgette saree and its beautiful fabric have a very unique look and amazing feel.

Tips on How to maintain your georgette saree.

Georgette sarees must be handled very carefully as the fabric is very delicate and prone to tear easily. Special care for maintaining your beautiful georgette sarees include:

1. Handwash your saree gently and allow the water to drip slowly.

2. Do not hang them for a long time, saree might lose shape.

3. Do not squeeze or wrap your saree tightly.

4. Refold your sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases.

The Glory of this beautiful georgette fabric is known worldwide due to its easy manageability & versatility.
Georgette saree online shopping now made easy on KARAGIRI ! The most gorgeous and elegant type of saree and hence it's the popular choice of ladies for parties and festivals.