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Sunny Yellow Kosa Silk Saree
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History of Kosa Silk

Woven in the Vidarbha part of Maharashtra, Kosa is a more refined version of Tussar silk. Tussar silk sarees are one of all the foremost popular sarees in India, much loved for their beauty, comfort, and sturdiness. These beloved Indian sarees are produced in Chhattisgarh, a state which is located in the center of India, known for its soft feel and texture, and it's purity, It is available naturally in shades of pale golden, dark honey, orange, fawn, cream, and many more. From the original color, the finished product is dyed using natural dyes from the flowers.

Today Tussar silk is produced in cities like Raipur and Champa but traditionally, this exclusive silk fabric was only produced by the Dewangan tribe.

The story behind Kosa Silk - Karagiri

Kosa Silk has been very close to our hearts because Pallavi's grandfather was a Kosa Silk weaver from the Bhandara region of Vidarbha. He was a master weaver and used to weave gorgeous Kosa silk sarees and fabrics! Pallavi has seen the hardships when he used to keep weaving in the dim light of the lamp because he has to complete weaving the saree before the next day! "He taught me the real meaning of passion," says Pallavi!


How to take care of your Kosa Silk Saree

Kosa silk is widely popular owing to its purity, sturdiness, and soft texture. The legacy of weaving Kosa silk saree is passed through generations. So it is very important to take care of them properly.

1. Never machine-wash or hand-wash a silk saree. It is advisable to only dry-clean your silk sarees.

2. In case the saree gets the stains, immediately wipe the stains off with cold water.

3. Never hang a silk saree to dry in direct sunlight as doing so will cause the color and becomes fade.

4. Don’t store your saree in a plastic cover as this will cause the gold embroidery to turn black.

5. Keep changing the fold in 2 to 3 months.

Kosa Silk Saree online shopping now made easy on Karagiri! The most elegant type of silk and hence it's the popular choice of ladies working in the corporate sector for office wear purposes!