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The word ikat is derived from the Maya-Indonesian word " Munigikat " which means to 'Bind or Knot'.The exquisite and intricate resist-dyed ikats and Tie-dyed fabrics can be traced back to the 6th or 7th century where Fresco paintings of Ajanta caves and also Excavations from Mohenjadaro and Harappa.

The yarns are tied in a specific pattern as guided by the master weaver, once the tie-dying is done the yarns are taken to the loom then the weaving takes place.
The characteristic feature of these tie-dye textiles of India is the haze pattern which you can see on the fabric. The haze pattern is because of the tie-dye yarn used in the weaving pattern.

Two different types of Patola Sarees:

Single ikkat: This is only vertically resist-dyed.

Double ikkat: This is horizontally-resist dyed.

Patola sarees are known for their flaming bright colors and geometric designs are interwoven. Every Patola saree is one of its kinds as it is created entirely with the passion, skill, and the hard work of the weavers.

While the Rajkot has the specialty in the single ikkat and vertically resist-dyed, the Patan famous for its double ikkat pattern and horizontally resist-dyed. The Patan Patola is made in the double ikkat style, which is the most complex textile design in the whole world. Both sides of the saree have the same design so they can be draped either way. This makes the exclusive combination of art silk sarees and printed patola sarees.

You have probably spotted the trend on the runways of the Lakme Fashion Week, on celebrities at a film premiere, and also on the college kid sitting next to you.

How to take care of your Ikkat or Silk Saree.

In order to preserve the luster and freshness of your beautiful handloom ikkat saree in the long run, proper care and attention are to be taken.

1. In the first wash, Do not wash your saree with soap.

2. After 2 to 3 plain waster washes, you can use a mild detergent to clean quickly

3. Wash the pallu and the border of the sari separately in the beginning

4. Wash with cold water immediately, in case of stains

5. Store your Ikkat saree in a cold dry place dusted with neem leaves.

6. Do not brush or lash your silk saree that might tear the zari.

Ikat saris have always been popular for its distinct style and unmatched beauty and this craft has stood the test of time in various fashion trends. Ikat has always been the designer’s favorite. Buy Ikat fabric sarees online on Karagiri at amazing prices.