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Voilet Kanjivaram Saree
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About Kanjivaram sarees:
Known as the pride of the south, kanjivaram silk saree is truly an absolute piece of art. With its glistening glaze and pure silk fabric, kanjivaram silk saree has made its way on global fashion platforms. Kanjivaram saree not only gives a pure spectacular essence but also gives a royal appeal. The fabric is sturdy and thick made with a tinge of gold and silver threads. Kanjivaram silk saree is durable and strong if maintained, and goes a long way. A pure and authentic kanjivaram silk saree can weigh up to two kgs. It carries all the beauty and confidence that make us look good. Kanjivaram silk saree is truly awe-inspiring and extravagant. This saree is a showstopper and will definitely give you your divalicious moments.

Kanjivaram saree is rich in history. Known as the weave of god since it traces back to hindu mythology. It is believed that Markanda used to weave clothes for gods and the descendants of Markanda are now the kanjivaram silk weavers. Kanjivaram silk saree has a history of more than 400 years. The weaving of kanjivaram silk saree has originated from the village named Kanchipuram in the southern part of India. It is also the main occupation of many there. The weavers started exquisitely delineating the designs of carvings present on the walls of the temple. Therefore kanjivaram silk sarees became famous for that. The pallu and borders are woven separately and then interlocked together at the end. This is how it has been done for ages. The pallu has an ethereal touch of gold making it a personal favorite of people across many countries for ages.

Different types of kanjivaram saree:
Plain kanjivaram saree with golden border: This type of kanjivaram saree is solid with just a heavy, rich border. This saree can be beautifully accessorized. Many Bollywood celebrities prefer this type of kanjivaram saree. This is also an outstanding choice for an engagement ceremony.
Temple border kanjivaram saree: As the name suggests, the border of this kanjivaram saree has a zigzag temple border. It makes it stand out from the rest of the types. This type of kanjivaram saree is a perfect ensemble for an anniversary ceremony. 
Modern kanjivaram weaves: This new type of kanjivaram saree is preferred by many newlyweds. These are available in many vibrant colors with contemporary motifs and designer borders.
Traditional kanjivaram saree: The traditional kanjivaram saree is a true legend. It has coins, chakras, checkered motifs designs which make it unique from the rest. This is the richest weave of the kanjivaram saree. this evergreen drape can be worn to poojas, bridal occasions, etc.

Kanjivaram sarees for the occasions:
Kanjivaram saree is one of a kind. Therefore women own it for special occasions. They are heavy and rich in texture, oozing out royalty, and thus are worn to galas, religious occasions, weddings, etc. A pure and authentic kanjivaram saree is worn in south Indian weddings. Kanjivaram saree is an iconic saree worn by celebrities like Rekha Ji, Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone to award functions too.

How to style your Kanjiavaram saree?
South Indian brides accessorize and experiment a lot with kanjivaram sarees. From wearing heavy jewellery to keeping it simple and sober, anything looks good with a kanjivaram saree. The floral buttas and temple figurines are an evergreen trend. Kanjivaram saree can be styled wearing a classic drape and gold jewellery is definitely a go-to. 

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