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Mulberry Purple Banarasi - Patola Saree
  • $418.50
  • $126.00
Beautiful mint green and eggplant purple  patola saree - Buy online on Karagiri - Free shipping to USA
Beautiful Mint Green And Eggplant Purple Patola Saree
  • $493.50
  • $148.00
Beautiful mint green and eggplant purple  patola saree - Buy online on Karagiri - Free shipping to USA
Beautiful mint green and eggplant purple patola saree
  • $453.00
  • $136.00

History of Patola Sarees

The classic colors and designs of Patan patola sari make it a standout, one of the rarest of Indian silk leaves these pieces prices were collectors and connoisseurs are unique in many ways. For its 800 years history, these silks were more famous outside India than within and it is believed that patan patola inspired weavers as far away as Japan.

To understand the patan patola you have to head to patan once it was the capital of the mighty Solanki who ruled Gujrat. There are monuments to its glorious past close by the famous Madera Sun Temple built by the Solanki King Beem dev the first in the 11th Century and then there is even more spectacular Rani ki vav is India's most famous temple built by his wife to memorate him after his death. To understand the Patola you have to step into the stepwell where on the walls you will find the reliefs of some of the motives designs that you will still find on the patan patola

The making of the Patola Saree is a tedious job that requires many hands and sadly it is that which is in short supply. The salvie's who came and settled in the Salve Wada in patan have all moved on, But thankfully today there are rich patrons who support this art and wait patiently for this exquisite rare, and painstakingly woven piece of art to emerge and spread all over the world. 

How to maintain your Patola Sarees:

1. It is recommended that you should dry clean your patola saree.
2. If you are washing your beautiful saree at home, make sure to dip it in cold water for a few mins before hanging out to dry out.
3. Do not use detergent or hand soap in the first wash.
4. Keeping them in a dark corner can help avoid discoloration of your saree.
5. Iron the saree with care on a low setting or get it done with steam ironed.
6. These expensive sarees should be dry cleaned professionally and it is a much better idea than trying to clean them at home.

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